St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre

Local Community

Since commencing operations in 1972, the local Fremantle community and supporting areas have been at the heart of the support base that enables St Patrick’s to serve those in need.

Recognising the need for a ‘whole community’ approach to solving homelessness and helping the disadvantaged, the local community provides essential donations and fundraising support through a number of initiatives and across all levels of the community. This includes areas such as: school fundraising projects, local business donations and staff involvement, social club events, community clubs and private contributions.

Our head office and administration centre is located in Queen Victoria St in Fremantle, with supporting accommodation facilities and specialised services positioned in and around the City of Fremantle.

Our HQ and services are located predominately in Fremantle, as it is an area that experiences significant issues in terms of homelessness and poverty.

Our services reach out to help those in need and in turn, this assists to build a stronger community.

We greatly appreciate the ongoing support of the local Fremantle community!

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