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Through our interactive activities and arts programs, clients also have the opportunity to engage directly with local leaders in the areas of Music and the Arts. Whether it is songwriting, signing, photography, sculpture, painting or craft – St Patrick’s is committed to nurturing the expressive and creative talents inherent in all of us.  Through the expressive form, our clients can gain new skills and share their stories of hope and struggle – often addressing their own personal journey or mental health issues in a non-confronting and enjoyable way. Our art and music workshops form a central part of our service provision and traverse all boundaries – providing our clients with new skills, confidence and tools for self-expressionism.

“With growing huddles of the homeless, we need art and we need art in all forms. We need all methods of art to be present, everywhere present and all the time present.”  Maya Angelou

Click Here to Visit the Client Art Gallery to view inspired works by St Patrick’s clients.

We’re always looking for artists to help us create exciting new client-led projects.  If you’re an artist and interested in contributing to the vibrant life at St. Patrick’s, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Rhian Chin for more information.

Below are some of our successful past projects…

Art Projects

Theatre Show on Homelessness

In 2011, as a part of National Homeless Persons’ Week, St Patrick’s clients attended Fremantle’s Deckchair Theatre, to experience award-winning Australian actor and playwright Stephen House’s performance of Appalling Behaviour – a powerful and thought provoking play that focuses on the journey of an Australian man who became homeless on the seedy streets of Paris, where the language of homelessness has no boundaries.

House lived for some time on the streets of Paris  in preparation for the play, and says that the play was set in multi-lingual Paris after a homeless man in Sydney said to him: ‘No-one hears my voice. It’s like I speak another language when I’m here on the streets, people just step around me.”

“I think the play forces us to think and re-think the way we see and interact with the world and those around us,” said House. “This situation could happen to anyone in any country and I simply aim to turn the spotlight on, raise questions and provide insights that hopefully promote change and reflection long after the show is over.”

Clients reported a positive response to the play stating that it closely mirrored many of their situations.  They also enjoyed not only the chance to experience live theatre, but also to meet and interact with the actor/playwright after the show.

St Patrick’s plans to continue its involvement in providing clients with direct involvement with live theatre experiences.


An innovative partnership with St John of God Healthcare, Murdoch and DADAA (Disability in the Arts/Disadvantage in the Arts) in Fremantle gave clients a chance to draw on their life experiences and express themselves through key mediums including: video, sculpture, photography, painting, print-making and multi-media.  Final artworks were then showcased in DADAA’s gallery space, with clients involved in all aspects of the installation and exhibition.

Click Here to Visit the Client Art Gallery to view some of the results!

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