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Here at St Patrick’s we value your feedback, which we recognise provides us with a valuable opportunity for improvement, whether it be in the form of a complaint, compliment or offering a suggestion.

How to make a complaint, provide a suggestion or compliment

You can submit your complaint, suggestion or compliment either online using the below form, or you can also provide us with feedback in writing to PO BOX 115 Fremantle WA 6959  addressing it to the Manager of Corporate Services.

The Manager of Corporate Services reviews all feedback and acts accordingly, including forwarding your feedback on to the relevant department Manager or Executive.

You can expect to receive a response from us within 14 business days of receipt of your feedback or you can choose to submit your feedback anonymously, however, please bear in mind we will not be able to respond to your feedback in this case.

How we manage complaints

Please feel assured that non-identifying data on your feedback will be collected and used to investigate your complaint, in order to improve .

As far as possible, all complaints and the details of that complaint will be kept confidential amongst staff directly concerned with the resolution and your permission will be obtained prior to any information being given to other parties, whom it may be desirable to involve in order to satisfactorily resolve the complaint.

You can expect acknowledgment of the receipt of your complaint within 14 business days along with the following information:

– Information on the investigation process and the status of your complaint;

– Direct contact information of the relevant person dealing with your complaint

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