St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre

Our Services – Overview

Our services are diverse and holistic and aim to respond immediately to the individual requirements of those in need.  We provide direct services, specialist programs and partner with other industry agencies to achieve our goals.

Our key services include:

  • Emergency Relief
  • Housing (crisis & transitional accommodation)
  • Day Centre & Meals
  • Health & Allied Services
  • Education & Training
  • Recreation & Outdoor Activities
  • Art & Music Programs
  • Specialist Programs (youth, rough sleepers)

Although our services are poised to respond to those people living in Fremantle or surrounding areas, we work to support all those in need and work closely with a number of respected health and industry agencies to ensure that the adequate level of care is provided at all times.

Our services are immediate, diverse and without limits.  We are open to new possibilities, new ways of doing things and to improving our services – to best meet the ever increasing needs of our community.

St Patrick’s works to provide a holistic framework of care –a solid base and foundation from which our clients can grow and develop.

Many of our programs and activities focus around the goal of connecting people back to the community and developing new skills and educational elements to build personal interests, confidence and long-term employment opportunities.

In addition to our traditional care philosophy surrounding food, shelter and clothing to the disadvantaged in the community – Today, St Patrick’s offers modern solutions through the delivery of dynamic and integrated programs looking at physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Whilst we work to deliver the highest quality of innovative care services available, it is up to individuals to avail themselves of our services and to the wider community to work together in eradicating homelessness from our society.

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