St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre

The Sisters’ Place

“The mission of The Sisters Place is to relieve suffering and bring hope through providing dignified night accommodation to temporarily homeless women.”

The Sisters’ Place was founded to provide shelter to women living in the parks and on the streets of Fremantle.

Five congregations of religious women are involved with other community women in staffing The Sisters’ Place on a voluntary basis.

The service is provided from a house in a residential setting that offers the comforts of home such as a warm bed, lounge, shower and laundry facilities, and most importantly the company of the volunteers and safety from the dangers of the streets.

It is staffed solely by volunteers.

The service was always envisaged as a community response to homelessness and relies on the support of groups and individuals.

While the volunteers do a tremendous job, they cannot do what they do without your support.

Please know that your contribution provides a friendly face; a welcoming home; a hot water bottle; a shower; a soft, safe, warm bed for the night.

Hope can be restored through your generosity!

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