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The achievements and services delivered by St Pat’s, would simply not be possible without the generous and ongoing support of a number of partners and donors from across the government, private and community sectors.

Our partnerships are based on a shared goal to making a positive difference to the lives of those in need and working together to eradicate homelessness from our community.

Since commencing operations in 1972, the local Fremantle community and supporting areas have been at the heart of the support base that enables St Patrick’s to serve those in need.

Recognising the need for a ‘whole community’ approach to solving homelessness the local community provides essential donations and fundraising support through a number of initiatives and across all levels of the community. This includes areas such as: school fundraising projects; local business donations and staff involvement, social club events, community clubs and individual contributions.

Given the increasing demand for our services and escalating nature of homelessness in our society, however, we are continuously in need of additional funds to provide the adequate level of support to our clients and long term infrastructure and services to provide long-term, positive change in the community.

Our partners are at the core of everything we do and enable us to continue operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our funding is provided through grant applications and specialized funding projects to enable us to deliver our services.  Our gratitude extends to all.

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