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St Patrick’s Community Support Centre reflects a rich history in the City of Fremantle. Evolving from a simple meals service opened by the Presbytery of St Patrick’s Fremantle Parish Church (now the Basilica of St Patrick’s), it is today, one of Western Australia’s leading not for profit organisations helping the homeless.

Our story lies at the heart of the Fremantle community and started in 1972, when a frail and elderly man appeared at the door of the Presbytery seeking help. He was cold, hungry and in serious need of care.

Brother Ignatius Hannick, with the support of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (the Order which has charge for the Parish) quickly set about establishing a soup kitchen to address the growing need for help amongst many in the community. Shortly afterwards, with donations of food and support from volunteers – the first meals service commenced in the original school (now the Parish Hall). It was in this spirit that St Patrick’s Community Support Centre was born.

The local business community embraced the Centre from day one, with some continuing their support to this day without interruption. Following receipt of generous funding from Lotterywest in 1980, the Basilica’s original school was upgraded to accommodate the expanding services which included a more complete meal service, hygiene facilities, library and recreation area; heralding the transition from a soup kitchen to St Patrick’s Community Support Centre.

Continued support of funding from government, local business and the wider community has enabled the growth and innovation of St Patrick’s to become a fully integrated service provider and industry-leader which today employs around 50 dedicated staff and a dedicated team of more than 100 volunteers.

Brother Ignatius’s dream had not only been realized but has expanded to support an entire community for more than four decades.

Today, we build on our strong history, values and integral link to the City of Fremantle – to address the increasing issue of homelessness and new ways of achieving long-term and sustainable change.

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