St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre


For many of us, our priorities centre on our family life, house, friends, sport and the next holiday destination – The priorities for a homeless person are simply: where will I be safe tonight and where will I find my next meal?

For more than 40 years, St Patrick’s has worked to provide immediate and holistic care for the homeless, those at risk of being homeless and the disadvantaged in Fremantle and the wider south west metropolitan area of Perth.

As a leading not for profit organisation – our key services include: emergency relief, housing (crisis and transitional accommodation), meals, a day centre, welfare and essential health provision. We also deliver specialist programs such as education and training, art and music, recreation, youth at risk, rough sleepers and proudly partner with other agencies across the community to achieve our goals.

Our primary aim is to promote social inclusion and self worth and help people to return to independent living, a safe environment and a better quality of life.

We strive to provide consistent and high quality services to ensure that people’s need for food, shelter, health, self-development and mental well-being are met.

These needs are addressed in a non-judgmental, understanding and caring environment that clearly acknowledges human value and self-worth. 

At the heart of our operations is a dedicated team of staff and volunteers and an unrelenting commitment to caring for others in our community.

Compassion – Fulfillment – Empowerment 


For a more in-depth look at St. Pat’s, you can download our Annual Report.  Please be aware that this is a large file of 16MB in size.

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