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I am writing this letter in appreciation to the St Patrick’s community support group. Having health problems, financial difficulties and going through a marriage breakdown recently. This has left me homeless, with little support and hope for the future. This is a position I have never been in, or even thought I would ever be in.

After visiting St Pat’s in Fremantle to get some food assistance, I had told them of the position I was in and after some discussion, helpfulness and understanding I was offered a chance to apply for community housing and booked for an appointment to see [one of our housing workers] in Fremantle.



I first came to St Pat’s in 2004 for community support and socialising because otherwise would have felt very isolated at home. St Pat’s brought me out a bit by meeting people and doing classes and choir – I love the singing and performing and travelling. I am quiet by nature and keep my personal business to myself. I went through a lot of heartache and marital problems over 13 years ago, lost custody of my children and was in terrible shock and very depressed about the whole thing.



St Pat’s has helped me out a lot, I get on very well with residents and staff and it is a great atmosphere. Art is very relaxing; when I paint I feel very much at ease and it is a great feeling. My time at St Patrick’s has enabled me to focus on painting and I have completed over 30 paintings. I enjoy doing the art classes and throughout this year it has been great to have more time to paint. I have a talent which I didn’t even know I had. When I paint I have a picture in my mind and then I put it on paper, this feels very good. I want to thank St Patrick’s for making me a better painter and for all their support.



We were blind and had broken and defected vision! Now we can see, read road signs, maps and reading material. So thanks to the optometry professionals and service at St Pat’s – for your care and love for your fellow human persons who live under trees, shopping centre’s, sheltered areas in various areas around Freo. I have first-hand experience of homelessness and sleeping out in the freezing weather and need of eye care. It is a known fact that hunger or lack of love over time can kill. So thank you to the community of optometry, through your free eye inspections and though your generous donation of glasses I can see and it’s great to be able to see clearly. So on behalf of the clientele of St Pat’s I say thanks and God bless.


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