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Starlight Hotel Choir

Due to Covid-19 we have suspended choir rehearsals until further notice.  The choir will be running again as soon as the pandemic is over – stay tuned.

One of the most popular and talked about programs at St Pat’s is The Starlight Hotel Choir.

Evolving from the weekly singing, songwriting and jam sessions at St Patrick’s with highly respected local musicians Peter Anthony and WAMI award-winning musician and song-writer Dave Johnson, the Choir is now sought-after to perform at festivals and events state-wide.

Community-based and open to anyone regardless of musical talent, the Choir members consist of both those who utilise St Patrick’s services and members of the wider community.   It is the energy, connectivity and engaging nature of the choir that captures the hearts of all who are fortunate to hear their voices or to be a part of its magic.

Musical ability has never been a pre-requisite to join the Choir – although it has unearthed some extraordinary musical talent. The main goal has been to provide a non-threatening environment where members can express their thoughts and voices, feeling comfortable to join in when they choose.

Many of the choir members have experienced homelessness, hardship and mental health issues at some stage in their lives and find that the choir is a safe place for self-expression and assists in lifting their spirits and creating a sense of belonging and self-worth.

The Choir’s main goal is to create a fun, non-threatening environment for people to express themselves, feel a part of a team and have a great time singing the songs they love!

Named after the ‘Hotel of Stars’ under which many homeless people sleep, the Choir has expanded from its simple jamming sessions in 2007, to become a professional and dedicated choir consisting of up to 30 members.

For the past couple of years, a large contingent of disabled people with their carers, have been regulars at rehearsals and sometimes at public performances – bringing an inspiring new dimension to the Choir’s composition.  Sub-sets of the Choir also perform regularly at Seniors Home and Community groups – bringing joy wherever they go.

‘Music brings people together!’ Dave Johnson, Choir Director

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