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CDs – Hear Me and Shelter Me

The Starlight Hotel Choir’s success has resulted in the production of two CDs – Shelter Me and more recently, Hear Me.

Hear Me was launched in the beautiful grounds of Fremantle Arts Centre in May 2015. It was a rainy evening but that didn’t stop the Choir’s enthusiastic supporters from turning out in droves…over 300 people attended! The Choir put on a heartfelt and inspired performance which was supported by some very special musical guests:

  • Donna Simpson (The Waifs)
  • Lois Olney
  • Zimmers’ Apprentices

Like their previous recording, Shelter Me, Hear Me features original works and shared stories of struggle, hope and recovery.  Both recordings are the products of the songwriting and singing workshops held at St Patrick’s Community Support Centre on a weekly basis.

Many of the members of the Choir have faced times of hardship and strife – mental health issues, social exclusion, emotional and financial breakdown and survival on the streets.  Others are there to support them.  The songs on both CDs reflect their stories, their experiences, dreams and struggles- we hope you enjoy them!

“When the choir first started out, I asked a young guy where he was staying that night. He waved a gesture at the sky with his hand and said “the Starlight Hotel” Thus the name co notates sleeping rough, under the stars, no roof above your head – that’s how we got our name.” – Dave Johnson – Choir Director


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