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DaveDave Johnson

Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Singer, songwriter Dave Johnson, has been performing throughout Australia and overseas for the past 20 years. He has been delivering song-writing workshops in schools, aboriginal communities and festivals during his travels and has been the judge’s coordinator and song evaluator for the WA Music Association’s (WAM) song of the year.

In addition to his role with the Starlight Hotel Choir, Dave currently lectures in songwriting for Challenger Institute of technology GATE programs and teaches music in juvenile justice centres for the Australian Children’s Music Foundation.

Dave is passionate about the song writing process and the potential for the emotive combination of words and music to tell a great story. Dave has been directing the Choir for more than five years and sees the choir as a testimony to how music can bring all sorts of people together and how the act of singing creates a sense of well-being.:

“When the choir first started out, I asked a young guy where he was staying that night. He waved a gesture at the sky and said: “the Starlight Hotel” – and the name stuck! It reflects sleeping rough, under the stars, no roof above your head and we all think about this guy and our meaning on a regular basis.”

 “It has been a humbling and incredibly rewarding experience and I would highly recommend such inclusive community involvement to everyone. The depth of compassion, caring and understanding the choir members give to one another has been overwhelming to witness.”

petePeter Anthony – A Musical Journey

Peter Anthony’s musicality has been built on a lifetime of experiences.

Born in Perth into a gifted musical family –– it was inevitable that an eventual career would be discovered down the music path.

Playing the ukulele, harmonica, piano and any other instrument in the household as well as singing harmonies intuitively before the age of ten, Peter naturally fell into the “baby-boomer” generation driven youth music revolution.

In his  early twenties, Peter had developed a reputation as a talented, reliable rhythm and lead guitarist and an excellent singer– as well as having a great ‘ear’ for band and vocal arrangements. He composed songs and collaborated with other song-writers as well as making crucial contributions to production and performance on recordings and live shows.

Through the ‘80s, Peter’s status grew as an award-winning (Nominations in WAMIA and Australasian Song-writers Association) composer, guitarist and arranger/producer and he performed in support bands for some of the world’s biggest artists.

Peter has explored and performed all genres of music from R&B to jazz, country and western, avant-garde/experimental and, more recently, world music.

In his early forties, Peter began his phase as a music educator and facilitated song-writing and recorded at a series of week-long camps for underprivileged youth. He also worked for the WA Dept. of Corrections (Arts program) to deliver a series of music workshops to inmates at Casuarina Prison.

Peter also works for Challenger Institute of Technology as a lecturer in music as part of the “Access” program.

In 2007 Dave Johnson approached Peter to become co-director of the “Starlight Hotel” Choir, adding to his list of cut-through community programs making a difference.

“With years of having to have had a hard-nosed approach in the cut-throat music industry it has been refreshing to use patience and acceptance with a group of people who are non-judgmental to truly make a difference.”

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