St. Patrick's Community Support Centre

Convert your eligible containers into support for St Pat’s

In partnership with Return It Cockburn a percentage of every container dropped at the Cockburn Depot will go to St Pat’s to help support our work with people that are homeless and individuals and families in need of assistance.

Or you can donate your full cash refund directly to St Pat’s by using the Container ID C10288851.

Helping us has never been easier- Start collecting eligible containers for yourself and/or St Pat’s and drop off at our Cockburn Depot (address below).

Simply take your eligible containers to the Return It Cockburn depot, using the St Pat’s ID – C10288851.

Return It

Return It – St Pat’s Depot (Cockburn)

Cockburn Opening Hours

Drop at Other locations still Donate

If you prefer to drop off to a depot closer to home, you can still donate the refund directly to St Pat’s – just use the container ID number C10288851. Save this number to your phone now and select Scheme ID number when processing your refund

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Which containers are eligible?

Any beverage container that you paid a deposit on in the QLD/ACT/NSW/SA/NT is eligible for the Return It Express program. For more information about eligible and ineligible containers, read more on the Return It website.

Express drop-off in plastic bags

Return your containers in plastic bags to use the Return It Express system. Use any thin plastic bag that is sturdy and leak-proof. Plastic bags can be clear, white, yellow, pink or other colours (except for thick-black), so long as Return It staff can clearly and easily see that the bags only contain containers.

If you are returning your eligible containers through Return-It WA Depot over-the-counter sites, plastic bags are not required. Please note, Return It recycles all plastic bags.

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