St. Patrick's Community Support Centre

It’s time to re-imagine housing

In the second half of 2018, St Patrick’s Community Support Centre (‘St Pat’s’) embarked on a series of community conversations.

The purpose of the conversations was to begin a whole-of-community approach to improving housing and ending homelessness in south-west metropolitan Perth.

Imagined Housing builds on the work of the WA Alliance to End Homelessness, and in the context of the State Government’s intention to deliver a State Homelessness Strategy in 2019, and a State Affordable Housing Strategy in 2020.

Imagined Housing exists to bring together government and not-for-profit agencies, businesses and individuals in the south-west metro region who are interested in tackling housing and homelessness issues affecting them and their neighbours.

We’ve just released a report about these community conversations and where we go from here.  Take a look!

Our Community – Our Voices

This project is supported by the WA Council of Social Service 


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