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Youth initiative gets some high flying support

The West Coast Eagles were on hand Thursday night to lend their support at the fundraising event for the Imagined Futures Youth Initiative – an innovative program that has proven results in keeping kids engaged in education. The Initiative focuses on school attendance and engagement, family support, positive transition to high school, and re-engaging young people who have dropped out of school.

“Already we’ve seen some excellent results coming out of this program,” said Imagined Futures Chair and St. Pat’s CEO Michael Piu. “Our network has formed strong relationships with many schools and community organisations, which bring their collective expertise and resources to the table. This work is incredibly important – the social cost of a young person leaving school early is $616,000 over their lifetime.”

Imagined Futures is a coalition of more 60 agencies (government and NGOs); businesses; philanthropists and community members working together to tackle disadvantage in the south west metro area of Perth. Auspiced by St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre, Imagined Futures offers a new way of thinking around complex social issues.

“The kids we are working with are achieving some great results, with much improved attendance and engagement at school, and they are much more socially and emotionally resilient,” said Imagined Futures Director Judy Walls. “Over the last year we’ve heard directly from the kids that they’re feeling more positive about their futures, and can imagine goals that had seemed unattainable previously. But to continue the program, and reach more kids and more schools, we need financial support from our community.”

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Photo Caption: West Coast Eagles Luke Dwyer (AFLW Coach), Brayden Ainsworth, & Liam Duggan with Michael Piu (St Patrick’s CEO & Chair Imagined Futures)

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