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The Crossroads program is an outreach program aimed tackling anti-social behaviour, and reduce  alcohol and drug related harm and improve the health and social wellbeing of those individuals.

The program is a partnership between St Patrick’s and 55 Central covering the identified hot spots of the Fremantle CBD, Perth CBD and Maylands area.    

 As well as seeking to improve the health and social wellbeing of people with drug and alcohol dependency issues the service aims to reduce associated disruptive and antisocial behaviour within the community. To this affect the community facing component, involves targeted community engagement strategies working with mainstream providers  for issues concerning mental and physical health, and housing.

Two Assertive outreach workers work with a full time dedicated Aboriginal Health Outreach Officer to deliver this unique and innovative program.

Recently, Crossroads have initiated a very successful art program – Art in the Parks.  This program engages people who might ordinarily be spending time drinking alcohol in the parks of Perth by providing art supplies and mentorship.


Crossroads Team (08) 9430 4159

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