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Imagined Futures Initiative

Imagined Futures, which began as the South West Metropolitan Partnership Forum, was established in 2013. Auspiced by St Patrick’s Community Support Centre,  Imagined Futures brings together approximately 60 not-for-profit and government service providers as well as business, philanthropy and community members across the three local government areas of Cockburn, Fremantle and Melville.

Imagined Futures recognises that complex social issues are beyond the capacity of any single organisation to resolve, and that the only way to effect large-scale social change is through working together, pooling and mobilizing the resources available in our community to achieve shared goals.

Imagined Futures has two principal focus areas for intervention; the first is a placed-based intervention focused on Davis Park, a high density social housing area in Beaconsfield, which is facing a major redevelopment. The second area for intervention focuses on vulnerable and at risk young people, with the aim of keeping kids engaged in education, and allow kids to imagine a brighter future.

To find out more about our work or if you would like to be involved, visit the Imagined Futures (South West Metropolitan Partnership Forum) website

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