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I first came to St Pat’s in 2004 for community support and socialising because otherwise would have felt very isolated at home. St Pat’s brought me out a bit by meeting people and doing classes and choir – I love the singing and performing and travelling. I am quiet by nature and keep my personal business to myself. I went through a lot of heartache and marital problems over 13 years ago, lost custody of my children and was in terrible shock and very depressed about the whole thing. I was suicidal for over a year. I tried to take a few times in that year and the following year. I ended up in hospital in the mental health system. At the same time this was happening both of my parents were very sick with terminal illnesses and I had no emotional support. My mother died in 2004, and then I found out also in 2004 that my children’s mother had died. Also If didn’t have the choir, I would feel like something is missing from my life and wouldn’t be able to cope as well with my life.  I play harmonica, sing and busk now in Fremantle.

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