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We were blind and had broken and defected vision! Now we can see, read road signs, maps and reading material. So thanks to the optometry professionals and service at St Pat’s – for your care and love for your fellow human persons who live under trees, shopping centre’s, sheltered areas in various areas around Freo. I have first-hand experience of homelessness and sleeping out in the freezing weather and need of eye care. It is a known fact that hunger or lack of love over time can kill. So thank you to the community of optometry, through your free eye inspections and though your generous donation of glasses I can see and it’s great to be able to see clearly. So on behalf of the clientele of St Pat’s I say thanks and God bless.

The founder of St Pats community care, both in food and accommodation Brother Hannick, this man of God understood his words    “Love one another  as I have loved you” … This was Brother Hannick a spiritual practical man. Brother Hannick’s work is ongoing; he encouraged city food and clothing outlets to give unwanted essentials for the lonely cold and hungry souls. Today as we can see what a most comfortable building and most importantly its professional management including those ladies and gentlemen who give their service in catering cleaning and health services.  The coordinators, nurses, receptionists, chiropractors – I thank you.  I have avoided names because all are equal in their loving care! The choir moves around and gives of their talents 2 times a week, St Pats provides outings, involves morning tea-coffee in various locations and much more. In conclusion, I say to the Mobile street Doctors, Nurses and associated, cheerful staff we the clients are ever grateful for your considered care, thanks and God bless and Rest and Peace to Brother Hannick.

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