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I am writing this letter in appreciation to the St Patrick’s community support group. Having health problems, financial difficulties and going through a marriage breakdown recently. This has left me homeless, with little support and hope for the future. This is a position I have never been in, or even thought I would ever be in.
After visiting St Pat’s in Fremantle to get some food assistance, I had told them of the position I was in and after some discussion, helpfulness and understanding I was offered a chance to apply for community housing and booked for an appointment to see [one of our housing workers] in Fremantle.

I found [our housing staff member] Empathetic, understanding and were very particular with my needs. After some time St Pats, housed me where I was best suited. This meant I was able to obtain shared housing accommodation in Hamilton Hill.

I have used St Pat’s support for food and housing and I am aware of the facilities, support and program’s available to help. I am grateful to St Pat’s in supporting me as I slowly start to get my life back on track.
It is quite easy sometimes to blame someone, pick faults or look at the negatives in life. It is more difficult to give praise, admit or be positive when you are down.
I have to admit and give praise to [the housing custodian] for his commitment in maintaining a clean, tidy and safe house. He puts in the extra effort needed to achieve this. He has shown the ability to be able to give and take, understand and be fair with sharing the accommodation in addition to at times having to deal with difficult situations. St Pats has helped by supporting and understanding, which has meant a lot to me.

So overall in this quick letter I would like to thank St Patrick’s Community Support and their staff.

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